Composition / installation en suspension

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Dancing lily studies

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Lockdown DIY – COAT HANGER trust a few of you will go through their wardrobe during lockdown. If you come across one of those old fashion coat hangers use it for our DIY Remove bottom piece so you only have the arch of the coat hanger with hook. Use any material you like, this can be done with fresh foliage or dried or a mix between fresh and dried floral elements. Technique – binding directly to coat hanger. This can be done with wire, garden wires, yarn, twine, cable ties…. Finish with a bundle of dried stems or sticks and cover wire/ technique with some ribbon/ hessian/ twine or flax. Hang up using original hanger. Over door, walls, inside or outside the house. My one is currently hanging next to front door complimenting the Easter Wreath on my door from my previous DIY. Enjoy, send me photos of your DIY. STAY HOME!!!!!

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Hello 2019! Happy New Year all 🌷🌹🌸🌼🌻

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My preparations for a wedding are much like that of an athlete. I spend months sometimes even years working towards the goal of a well styled wedding.  I take small consistant steps throughout the process, each step bonding me more and more with the event until it becomes part of me. It fills my dreams, lingers in my thoughts and is a common topic of conversation. This commitment to the event ramps up in the weeks leading to the finale. During these weeks and days I am cognoscent of my eating habits, sleep schedule and even limit my social interactions. This change is apparent to those closest to me. My focus is clear and I am fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends that understand this priority and allow me the space to connect with my staff in order to bring all of the work and commitment together. The last few days before the event become the most important. The production schedule is written and re-written. Like a coach sketching plays on the board I run through the possible scenarios dodging fictitious challenges. Refining the plays with each potential opposition. I run these plays over and over again searching for cracks in my system.  Once I am confident with the game plan I step away only to come back with fresh eyes the following day to run through the plays one more time. The designers are the players on the board each with their own set of skills. These skills are carefully examined before being selected and placed in the position that will embrace their talents and allow them to shine. Uniforms are selected carefully with attention to comfort, ease of performance and of course connecting the group as one.  Although each designer has willingly joined the group they often do so with a touch of hesitation as they do not know the othe players. With the color selected and the team name branded the designers go from individual players to one organized team. One glorious design team that shares my focus and my commitment. After all of this preperation I stand back as coach and leader. My sole job at this point is to trust in my preparation as I care for my team of  designers. For a few days this team is my family and I treat them as such.

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